Welcome to Time Group One! This new site has been created to provide information, news and event registration to the recreational  sporting  and  fitness community in Georgia.  We are starting out  primarily with  a focus on running because  we have been  involved in the running community in the Atlanta area for a long time. We plan to add soccer to our agenda soon. Let us hear from you!
Today's Articles
Running For Beginners - A Free Way To Lose Weight Part One Print E-mail

By Mike Livsey

If there is one way to start losing weight, and most importantly to keep the weight lost, then its running. Running provides many benefits other than weight loss and the best thing about it is its free.


Running can be very intimidating for the beginner. A simple search of any popular search engine will convince you that you need to spend a lot of money and that running is complicated, and let's be honest running can sound like a lot of hard work.

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The Most Important Stretches for Runners Print E-mail
By Dominique De Rooij

You as a runner know, or should know, the importance of a warming-up before, and a cooling-down after your workout.

First you do your easy running and then your stretches. A bit of calf stretching here, reaching the toes there, a few strides and your done.

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Training For A Marathon On A Treadmill Print E-mail

By Robert Jacob

I have run a half marathon, two full marathons, and even an extreme trail ultramarathon. But what separates me from most other marathon runners, is that except for a rare run outside, all my training has been on a treadmill. Most other runners I know hate the treadmill, and sometimes refer to it as the dreadmill.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 March 2008 01:45 )
Winter Running - Survival of The Feet Print E-mail

By Christine Dobrowolski, DPM

Many dedicated runners will brave the cold, damp air and dark, slick streets as winter sets in. Running is actually a part of surviving the winter for some. For those of you who don’t let a little rain, snow or sleet deter a run, it is important to know how to protect your feet so they too, can survive the winter months.


1. Choose a synthetic sock. Avoid cotton socks! Synthetic socks (wool blend, polypropylene) wick away moisture and help prevent blister formation and cold feet.

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Running Drills Print E-mail

By Patrick Beith

Running drills give us an opportunity to teach cues while speed traininig. These drills are used to break down certain aspects or parts of the whole body of sprinting. Cues such as: 'step over and drive down' during a speed drill in practice are used to give an athlete a frame of reference to use to make adjustments to their form while sprinting.

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